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UCZNIOWIE: Yaniet Ermias Alemseged and Anny Golmen Leh


We conducted both surveys and interviews to find out how drugs affect youth culture in Kristiansund and elsewhere in Norway. We found that many young people have easy access to both drugs and alcohol, despite the fact that all drugs are banned in Norway and there is an 18-year age limit for buying and using alcohol. Many believe that drugs are the biggest problem, but many problems also arise due to alcohol use. We looked particularly at young people's mental health, and here there are serious development trends for the adolescents. Many will struggle for many years to come, some their entire lives, because they have used drugs in adolescence. We see an increasing degree of psychological disorders among young people, andthe tendency is that society will have to see to a greater and greater extent that young people are not able to work and support themselves, but have to live on benefits from the public sector. This will cost society dearly. Therefore, it is important to have information and attitude work from the time the children are young and throughout adolescence.


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