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Zrównoważona energia



Sustainable energy

UCZNIOWIE: Helene Grawert Løvold, ErikaIngebrigtsen and AngelicaFrei


For our project we chose the sustainable development goal number 7, clean and affordable energy for everyone. We made a video about it where we disused what type of energy is used in Kristiansund and if people know which source their energy is from. We interviewed Elin Kamsvåg, who works with energy and green adjustment in our county, we posted a survey on Facebook and also did some of our own research. In conclusion, not a lot of people in Kristiansund know where their energy is from and most of them don’tcare either, except for the professionals who are especially interested in sustainable development. However, a lot of the energy used in Kristiansund is from sustainable sources, seeing as we have access to much wind and hydropower.


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